Saturday, July 5, 2008

In Fact I Care You Very Much

To be the truth, I'm new to mandarin audiophile cd, but when I hear this album being played at the store I'm immediately falling in love.

Never mind the typo in track names or album title. Almost all Chinese products did it. English is not their primary language and not their primary concern. Just look at some china product's english manual.

Enough with that, this album is recorded in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format, and as they claim in album cover: The Next Revolution In CD Technology.

This CD produces quite detailed music, good lush midrange. Zhou Hong (the female vocalist) voice is pretty sweet, and Jiang Zhimin (the male vocalist) voice is a good match.

I really like this CD, despite I don't understand a word. Sometimes hearing a foreign music makes us more relaxed because our brain doesn't have to translate what it means. Just get this CD, and you'll loving it. Guaranteed!
Errr... maybe not for everybody :D

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