Saturday, July 5, 2008

Capacity Crisis

Yesterday, I'm still in the middle of capacity crisis.

I have a large collection of music that I rip in FLAC lossless format. That takes a lot of space in my harddisk.
Just one album takes up to 350 MB.

The whole lossless music collection I had is 20 GB and counting...

And not to mention my collection of movies that maybe takes about 300 GB.

Finally, I decided to buy an external storage big enough to move all my musics, movies and photos. First I think of 500 GB capacity, but harddisk price is really low nowadays, and I decided to get 1 TB one.

I finally buy a Western Digital My Book Essential External Harddisk 1 TB. One terrabyte should enough for now. This cool black beauty sports a cool blue light that indicates if it's accessed and capacity. And it is very cool and quiet, and will not distract you at all. Well, the blue light will :D

I'm thinking that I will not in capacity crisis anymore in what? 1 year? 2 years?
Nobody know. Increased capacity will lead to increased file size.
Maybe I will start to rip HD movies?

And when I'm happy with all of this, my brain tells me something!
How can I be sure that it will be durable?
Can I depend on this to backup all my important files?
Oh no, how do I supposed to backup this 1 TB harddisk if something happens?
How many recordable DVD do I need, and the hassle of doing it?

The only obvious option without any hassle to this problem, is to buy another 1 TB storage. Arrgghhh........!

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